Unidata Users Committee
Action Items
13 - 14 October 2005

Action Item 1: The Usercomm will (i) participate in the task force that will create a plan for the evolution of Unidata supported analysis and visualization tools, (ii) discuss and evaluate their findings at the Spring meeting, (iii) provide to Polcomm a written response/endorsement of the report, and (iv) have a member present to represent user interests at the Spring Polcomm meeting.

Action Item 2: Users Committee members will have phone conversations with two Unidata sites prior to the next meeting. Jim & Linda will send out a reminder in March 2006. During the phone calls, members should inquire to find out who the best technical and academic contact individuals are, if the institution is aware of IDV, and what their plans are for using IDV in the future. What does the Unidata community want and need?

Action Item 3: Contact potential speakers for summer workshop, beginning with selected presenters discussed during the meeting.


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