Unidata Users Committee
Action Items
17-18 May 2005

Action Item (joint with Policy Committee): Selected UPC staff, polcomm members, usercomm members, and members of the at-large Unidata community will work with external consultants to develop a plan to independently evaluate the Unidata program. The plan and an implementation timetable will be provided to Polcomm and Usercomm at their fall meetings.

Action Item: Unidata Support will provide announcement to community about cessation of floater

Action Item: The workshop co-chairs will provide a short community announcement regarding the workshop topic to ascertain the interest of the workshop focus.

Action Item: Gary Lackmann and and Chris Herbster, in collaboration with Joanne Graham and the UPC, will prepare an NSF proposal to fund the summer workshop. Users Committee members will work with Gary and Chris this summer to identify potential speakers and contributors for the workshop, with planning continuing at the Fall meeting.

Action Item: Users Committee will issue a a request for nominations for the Russell L. DeSouza award in late July and then again in early September (nominations due by late September) and then select an award winner at the Fall meeting.

Action Item: UPC will work with Ken Howard's group to begin distributing his radar products via the IDD for community use.

Action Item: Users Committee members will have phone conversations with two Unidata sites prior to the next meeting and contact prior sites to obtain lists of academic faculty, research faculty, technical support staff, and teaching support staff that are using Unidata products.


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