RAMADDA Status Report
Winter 2007/2008

Jeff McWhirter
April 4, 2008


RAMADDA (Repository for Archiving, Managing and Accessing Diverse DAta) is a is a new effort at the UPC. This project, spearheaded by Jeff McWhirter, began in December 2007. The goal of this project is to provide an open and extensible data repository framework/server. RAMADDA is Java-based and uses a relational database as its underlying metadata storage facility. It has been designed to run both stand-alone as well as running under a Tomcat server.

And provides a suite of comprehensive data management, archiving and repository services:


This work builds on and advances the prior efforts on the Thredds Data Repository (TDR). The focus of the TDR was on providing data upload and management facilities for the Thredds Data Server (TDS). As this work progressed it became clear that the scope of required functionality went beyond the specific needs of the TDS that the TDR provides.

Current Status

A prototype implementation has been developed and initial use of it has begun by Unidata staff members. This implementation supports: We have begun preliminary work using the IDV to generate image and movie products within the repository

Performance testing has been done, using an internal IDD/LDM archive. We have a repository with 7 million entries in the database. We have also investigated linking the LDM with RAMADDA to support real-time event notification of incoming data products. The Level-III was used which averages 5 data files/second. RAMADDA was able to support this load.

We are engaged in discussion with UCAR/EOL analyzing the feasability to use RAMADAA as the underpinnings of their next generation field catalog and data management server.

Jeff McWhirter