Action Items and Resolutions

Unidata Policy Committee Meeting

July 16-17, 2007


Item 1 : The committee requests that an announcement of the Strategic Plan's completion appear in a featured news item on the UPC home page or in the next CommunitE-letter. Policy Committee member final input should be received prior to that time. (Item complete)

Item 2: The committee requests that there be a presentation on COSMIC data for the next meeting. (Agenda Item)

Item 3: Chair, Businger, will work with Unidata staff Miller and Ramamurthy to (from the Users Committee Action Item 14): "develop a short survey to explore the Unidata community's interest in receiving COSMIC data in real-time using the LDM. The Users Committee will have an opportunity to review the survey prior to its distribution to the community." [The survey has been distributed to "dot edu" members of the Unidata community.] (Survey completed, Agenda Item)



Resolution 1: The committee encourages the UPC to work closely with the National Weather Service to develop open-source standards for its new AWIPS release.

Resolution 2: Unidata will explore synergies with the NCAR library to develop dynamic virtual workspaces focusing on datasets, tools and services to enhance knowledge extraction and discovery by a network-enabled community (for example, expanding THREDDS to include shared community workspaces). [A modified version of the resolution has been circulated to the committee.]