International Activities and Collaborations
Summer 2007

Tom Yoksas
July 2, 2007

Executive Overview


Efforts referenced within this report are based on five of the six endeavors articulated in the Unidata 2008 Proposal:


International extension of Unidata packages and services began in earnest with the UOP Director-funded, joint Unidata/COMET MeteoForum pilot project. Unidata products (especially the netCDF) and services were used internationally before MeteoForum, but there was no concerted effort expended to advertise/promote our offerings.

The MeteoForum vision was originally articulated in the 2001 Fulker/Spangler proposal submitted in application for UCAR Director's Opportunity Funding (Jack Fellows):

The continuing international activities at the UPC are best characterized as a natural extension of our outreach activities to the higher education research and education communities.

Recent International Activities of Note

Additional International Activity Information

Further information on Unidata international activities can be found in the separate International Activities White Paper.

Previous MeteoForum Information

Background material on MeteoForum can be found in previous User and Policy Committee Meeting reports:

October 2005 User Committee Meeting MeteoForum - Yoksas.


Collaboration activities remain largely unchanged since the May 2, 2007 User's Committee Report.

Collaborations that are most active include:

by Tom Yoksas