Action Items

March 12-13, 2007


Action Item 1: Review the goals and core values in the Strategic Plan and send comments and suggestions by March 19.

Action Item 2: Comment on the following question: how does THREDDS fit with community needs now or what does the community need of THREDDS, including specific types of data feeds.



Resolution 1: The Policy Committee commends the very successful metrics assessment initiative led by Mohan Ramamurthy and Linda Miller and the evaluation process designed and conducted by Nelson Consulting Incorporated.

Resolution 2: The Policy Committee recognizes the strategic long term value of the LEAD project for the Unidata community and encourages the UPC to take a key role in coordinating the development of proposal(s) for evolution of LEAD, to an extent that will not compromise the core activities and resources.

Resolution 3: The Policy Committee expresses its appreciation to Melanie Wetzel for her leadership of the committee for the past three years. Her success at guiding the committee through landmark decisions and developments has been exemplary.