Summary of First GALEON 2 Telecon

Initial Draft by Ben Domenico
Summary last updated: March 2, 2007

Telecon date: February 28


Two individuals had conflicts at the time of the telecon but included information in the wiki

Plans for additional datasets and WCS clients and servers

George Mason University has implemented WCS 1.1 server with many different NASA satellite image data collections available (e.g. Modis, TRMM, Landsat, and more). The data are available in GeoTIFF, HDF-EOS, and netCDF. More details will be posted on the GALEON wiki as they are available. The WCS 1.1 client and an associated catalog/search client will be available later.

The Italian CNR/IMAA already has a WCS 1.1 client available. The client called Gi-GO is written in Java and can be downloaded and updated automatically via Webstart. Work is underway for a WCS 1.1 server. It will mainly be a proof of concept server to test the ncMl-GML services approach with some AVHRR data and LIDAR data from the European network. More detailed information is posted on the GALEON wiki.

Northrop-Grumman IT group is working collaboratively with Washington University in St. Louis. They have a strong interest in pursuing the relationship between WCS and SOS services. A brief description is given at This team will continue to work with air quality datasets.

The Alaska Ocean Observing System (AOOS) group is mainly working on adding data sets through WCS 1.0 using UMN Mapserver and use some of the WCS 1.0 clients for testing to bring ourselves up to speed.  They have posted more detailed information on the GALEON wiki.

Unidata will be upgrading the WCS interface to the THREDDS Data Server to the WCS 1.1. The timeline is indefinite at this point.

John Evans of NASA indicated that, with the WCS 1.1 specification complete and accepted the previous WCS Revision Working Group is disbanded and a new WCS 1.1 RWG will be constituted. There are some additional suggested modifications that did not make it into the 1.1 specification. Also, since Sean Forde has taken a new position and will not be participating in the OGC, a new chair is needed for the Coverages Working Group. That question may come up at the April OGC technical committee meeting.

Due to a scheduling conflict, Peter Baumann of the Jacobs University Bremen (formerly: International University Bremen) was unable to participate in the telecon but he entered notes on the wiki that outline the continued interest in and development of WCS 1.1 as well as WCPS (Web Coverage Processing Services).

Likewise, ESRI posted to the wiki that they are finishing WCS 1.0 client and server support for ArcGIS 9.3 and experimenting with WCS netCDF client and server support.

Relationship to other OGC projects and standards, e.g.,

Oceans Interoperability Experiment and Sensor Web Enablement (SWE)

UCAR/Unidata is a sponsor of the Oceans IE and CNR/IMAA is participating as observer. One of the main objectives is to come to a better understanding of the relationship between WCS and SWE services. Northrop Grumman may also have an interest in that aspect of this IE>

SWE/WFS/netCDF for collections of point or station observations

Northrop Grumman, Washington U in St. Louis, CNR/IMAA and Unidata are all interested in pursuing this area.

CSW/ebRIM for catalogs of WCS data collections

George Mason University is developing a CSW search system that will incorporated metadata from THREDDS Data Server catalogs. CNR/IMAA's Gi-GO client can access these CSW catalogs.

GML dialects

BADC is actively pursuing CSML (Climate Science Modeling Language) and the CNR/IMAA is developing ncML-GML. Along with Unidata an CSIRO, these groups are attempted to determine whether and how these GML approaches can be harmonized.

WCPS (Web Coverage Processing Services)

Jacobs University of Bremen is continuing its active development of the WCPS specification along with a server implementation.

GALEON role in the April OGC Technical Committee meetings

The telecon consensus is that a summary of this initial telecon is appropriate for the April OGC TC meeting in Ottawa and that we should see what additional interest arises at that meeting.

The GALEON Phase 2 Wiki page is at: