McIDAS Status

McIDAS, ldm-mcidas, Unidata-Wisconsin, Collaborations, and Cooperating Community Server Activities
Fall 2004

Tom Yoksas
October 15, 2004


Efforts referenced within this report are based on five of the six endeavors articulated in the Unidata 2008 Proposal:

Unidata McIDAS-X, -XCD

ldm-mcidas, Unidata-Wisconsin datastream, and NOAAPORT ingest


Collaboration activities remain mostly unchanged since the May 2003 report. Details can be found in May 1, 2003 Policy Committee Report.

Collaborations that are most active include:

User Support

Cooperating Community Data Servers - Prelude to THREDDS

Texas A&M has very recently joined the cooperating community server effort by opening access to a machine that keeps 30 days of both Level II and Level III NEXRAD data online. The list of cooperating community servers and the datasets that they make available can be seen in Publically Accessible McIDAS ADDE servers.

This page was prepared by Tom Yoksas.