MeteoForum Activities - Spring 2004

Tom Yoksas
Timothy Spangler
May 14, 2004


Efforts referenced within this report are based on five of the six endeavors articulated in the Unidata 2008 Proposal:

MeteoForum - Unidata/COMET

The MeteoForum vision was articulated in the 2001 Fulker/Spangler proposal submitted in application for UCAR Director's Opportunity Funding (Jack Fellows):

MeteoForum - An International Network of Meteorological Training Centers for the 21st Century

"The MeteoForum pilot project will include a small group of educational institutions (some universities and some WMO RMTCs) that are motivated to enhance the contributions of modern meteorology in their regions. Participants will be expected to have relatively fast Internet access, appropriate computers, and suitable personnel. Some of these personnel will be trained to run MeteoForum software on their computers so as to access real-time data, training materials, and other resources. Where practical, participants in the MeteoForum pilot also will contribute real-time data and educational resources to the effort. By integrating these elements, the pilot project will serve as a model on which to build a full-scale international MeteoForum. Initially, the MeteoForum pilot project will build upon capabilities now offered in the U.S. by the government-sponsored COMET and Unidata programs"

The MeteoForum initiative is a very active collaboration, even though it is being conducted in spare time.

The following are highlights of the Unidata (Yoksas) MeteoForum activities for the past quarter:

Tim Spangler's informal summary of the MeteoForum planning session held at the 2004 AMS Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA. can be found in the February 2004 MeteoForum Report to the Policy Committee.

The MeteoForum 2003 annual report prepared by Tim Spangler and Tom Yoksas and submitted to the Director of the UCAR Office of Programs, Jack Fellows can be found in the February 2004 MeteoForum Report to the Policy Committee.

This page was prepared by Tom Yoksas.