Status Report-SuomiNet-February 2004


SuomiNet Status Report: February 2004

Prepared by Jeff Weber

SuomiNet and the Unidata Program Center

Mission Contribution

SuomiNet has been successful at new implementations of the LDM software and IDD topology. SuomiNet has allowed the UPC to explore cross discipline research with our involvement with the GPS community. The SuomiNet project has been successful in displaying near real-time data via the web allowing a larger community to have access to these data visualizations. Now in its mature stage, SuomiNet has allowed the UPC to explore new uses of the LDM/IDD technology with success and venture into near real-time web data display. The web display has been widely used by the community and incorporated into many presentations and publications.

    SuomiNet Deployment

    Updated Timeline:

    • Unidata's funding for the SuomiNet project ends Oct 1, 2003. We will continue to support the live web display and the LDM5's in use for this project.
    • Number of sites: 86 SuomiNet sites and ~40 FAA/DOD
    • Fully deployed, no longer accepting applications for sites
    • Global coverage being pursued via aquiring data from other GPS/Seismic sites
      Northern Hemisphere coverage will come first with the aid of Japan's and California's seismic networks
    • Active sites = 86 and their info

    Data Volume:

    • Raw data volume approximates .6Mb per Day/Site
    • Raw data designed to be in BINEX Format.
    • Precipitable Water Vapor (PWV) Products: 1-2 Kb per Day/Site in netCDF.
    • Total Electron Content (TEC) Product: 3-5 Mb per Day (not site specific) in netCDF
    • netCDF format is now in use for the value added products of TEC and PWV/IPW
    • Slant measurements: 50-100 Kb per Day/Site

    Data Processing:

    • A FORTRAN data reader was developed at Unidata to read the data from the netCDF files.
    • A netCDF to GEMPAK decoder for visualization of data via GEMPAK/GARP has been completed

    LDM Applications:

    • LDM/IDD Software is being applied to gather the raw data from each site
    • LDM/IDD Software also applied to distribute post-processing PWV/TEC products to the community

    Water Vapor Products Currently Available:

    • SuomiNet main page that contains the UNIDATA LDM/IDD GEMPAK 14 hour loops of PWV with an 8km IR Super-National overlay, and archived historical products from these loops.
      There are two loops, one that filters out sites (no overlap) for ease of viewing, and another that includes ALL sites and can be zoomed in for ease of viewing. Both these products are combining SuomiNet sensors with sensors of other agencies, giving a total of 125 reporting locations.
    • -- Colorado-Wyoming Beta-test
    • -- (NOAA, USGC, and DOT) and description of process and comparison of US products of Total Electron Content and Integrated Precipitable Water(IPW) compared with GOES imagery. This site also contains archived loops of the IHOP field campaign, ionospheric TEC, MPEG animations, and an interactive map of ALL active SuomiNet sites for point and click access to the data products derived from that site.