The 2012 Unidata Equipment Awards Program

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation

NSF provides the Unidata Program Center up to $100k in equipment grant funds each year. In alignment with the Unidata 2013 proposal, the Equipment Awards Program is designed to broaden participation and promote the use of Unidata tools and systems (e.g., THREDDS, NetCDF, IDV, GIS connections) to support education and research on various aspects of climate studies (e.g., diagnostics, change and impacts), by providing grants to be used in the procurement of new computers and equipment including upgrades to existing classroom and laboratory equipment.

This year special consideration was given to proposals that:

A Request for Proposals was sent out on December 27, 2011 with a March 9, 2012 submission deadline. The EA Review Panel met on April 3 at the Unidata Program Center to review the five proposals that were received. Three grants were awarded to:

Iowa State University, Bill Gallus Jr. - "Installation of AWIPS II EDEX Servers for Sharing of Present Data and Future Distribution of Archived Data with Community"

Valparaiso University, Kevin Goebbert - "A Prototype AWIPS II EDEX Server System for the Department of Geography and Meteorology at Valparaiso University"

University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Paul Roebber - "Installation of RAMADDA, THREDDS and LDM at UWM"

Congratulations to all of this year's recipients.