Unidata Users Committee
26 October 2011

Committee Members
Actions from April 2011 Meeting
Summary from April 2011 Meeting
Acronym List

Members Attending:
Tom Whittaker, Univ of Wisc-Madison-Space Science & Engineering Center, Chair
Marty Baxter, Central Michigan Univ
Anne T. Case-Hanks, Univ of Louisiana, Monroe
Jennifer Collins, Univ of South Florida
Gerry Creager, Texas A&M
Bart Geerts, Univ of Wyoming
Brendon Hoch, Plymouth State Univ
Steven Lazarus, Florida Institute of Technology
Larry Oolman, Univ of Wyoming
Kevin Tyle, Univ of Albany

Student Rep:
Stefan Cecelski, Univ of Maryland

NCEP Reps:
Becky Cosgrove (CONDUIT)
Scott Jacobs (AWIPS II) - virtual participation

Richard Signell

Staff Attending:
Sean Arms
Tina Campbell
John Caron
Julien Chastang
Ethan Davis
Doug Dirks
Ben Domenico
Steve Emmerson
Ginger Emery
Dennis Heimbigner
Yuan Ho
Michael James
Robb Kambic
Linda Miller
Terry Mitchell
Russ Rew
Mohan Ramamurthy
Mike Schmidt
Jeff Weber
Tom Yoksas

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The next Users Committee meeting will be 2-3 April 2012

The THREDDS steering committee exists of:

Rich Signell (USGS - Chair, IOOS Modeling Testbed, NSF OOI-CI, Unidata User Committee)
Dave Neufeld  (U Colorado/NOAA, NcISO)
John Maurer (U Hawaii, IOOS, PACIOOS Site Development)
Kevin O'Brien (U. Washington/NOAA, NOAA Unified Access Framework Project)
David Stuebe (UCSD/ASA, Data Management Architect for NSF OOI-CI)
Kyle Wilcox (Applied Science Associates, IOOS Modeling Testbed, MARACOOS)
Tom Kunicki (USGS, GeoDataPortal, NCPP)

It was agreed that another person should be added from the university community, perhaps from the Policy Committee.

It is time for the DeSouza Award solicitation. This year Tom Whittaker will send the solicitation to the community, in hopes of rallying a good response of nominations for the award. We now have a form to use for nominations, so collecting information on candidates will be done equally for all nominations. The solicitation will go to the community after the AMS Annual Meeting in January. The selectee will fly to Boulder for the Spring Users Committee meeting to give a presentation on the use of Unidata data and tools at his/her institution. Additional information about the DeSouza Award can be viewed at:

Russell L. DeSouza Award/Previous Awardees
Nomination Form
History of the Award

ACTION: TomWhittaker will send an invitation to the Unidata community to submit DeSouza nominations in the December timeframe

Staff status reports

Status reports were discussed.

Presentation by Rich Signell
-USGS-Unidata/ESRI Advances: Geoportal Server+THREDDS ARCGIS10-+OpenDAP. This provided information on the integration between the THREDDS Data Server, ARC Gis software from ESRI, and OPeNDAP clients via a python shell in the ERSI products.

BlueSky Session
This session is meant to provide input to the Unidata technical staff on future ideas and dreams from the committee members.

Here's a list:

NAM D&G products
- Becky Cosgrove, NCEP

How can we decide what data are needed or used by the community?
Gather information using a couple of different methods

Action: The UserComm will talk with community members about their data needs and the impending CONDUIT survey when they are contacting them for their site surveys

Workshop-Earth System Data Workshop – bringing ES  theme
Interactions of all sides of the data-----------
Nldn-70+ universities-Keivn
Every other forecast hr due to lack of capacity
Gempak is still main tool used at univ of Albany
Students use product generation tools
Lots of interest in AWIPS II.
Redhat operating system-
Uses NCLl for some
netCDF is good-runs wrf
conversion from netCDF to GEMPAK
IDV is used-stores data in GEMPAK format –learning curve
RAMADDA server on line-

Unidata Web Site:

Web site-traffic has increased 6 fold to the site using the blog, etc.
How to make documentation easier to use
Feedback from usercomm.
Site improvements-what’s needed
RSS feed for the blogs
Blog is put out to twitter and facebook
Encourage usercomm to use and contribute to the blogs.


Theme Earth System Science Workshop

Workshop sub-committee volunteers:
Kevin Tyle
Gerry Creager
Anne Case-Hanks
Steve Lazarus
Jennifer Collins
Steven Businger, Chair, PolComm
Tom Whittaker, Chair, UserComm
Tina Campbell, Unidata
Doug Dirks, Unidata
Ginger Emery, Unidata
Linda Miller, Unidata


Linda Miller
Community Services - Unidata
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
P.O. Box 3000
Boulder, CO 80307-3000
303 497-8646 fax: 303 497-8690