Joint Meeting
Unidata Policy/Users Committees
Room 2205 Anthes Building
Boulder, Colorado
27 October 2011

Thursday, 27 October

Acronym List

(Policy Committee Agenda-October 28, 2011)
(Users Committee Agenda-October, 26, 2011)

8:00 Continental Breakfast

8:30 Administrative Matters (Steven Businger/Tom Whittaker)

  • Adopt Agenda
  • Introduction of committee members
    • Policy Committee: New Members: Dave Dempsey, SFSU; Bill Gallus, Iowa State Univ
      Departing Members: Brian Colle, Anton Kruger
    • Users Committee: New Members: Marty Baxter, Central Mich Univ; Jennifer Collins, Univ of South Florida; Gerry Creager, Texas A&M; Bart Geerts, Univ of Wyoming
      Departing Members: Brendon Hoch, Larry Oolman
  • Introduction of Agency Representatives: to the Policy Committee: Bernard Grant (NSF), Peter Griffith (NASA), Leroy Spayd (NOAA/NWS). To the Users Committee: Becky Cosgrove (NCEP), Rich Signell (USGS)
  • Approve meeting agenda
  • Approve May 2011 Meeting Summary--Policy Committee (Action Items)
  • Approve Apri 2011l Meeting notes--Users Committee (Action Items)
  • Set spring meeting dates
    • Users Committee
    • Policy Committee

9:00 Director's Report (Mohan Ramamurthy)

10:00 Budget Report (Terry Mitchell)

10:15 Break

10:30 NSF Report (Cliff Jacobs)

10:45 NOAA Report (Leroy Spayd)

11:00 NASA Report (Peter Griffith)

11:15 AWIPS II (Scott Jacobs)

  • Discussion

11:45 Catered Lunch followed by tour and demos of

  • AWIPS II (Michael James)

  • IDV (Yuan Ho and Sean Arms)

1:30 Strategic Planning

3:00 Earth Cube

3:30 Break

3:45 Open Source (Ethan Davis, et al)

4:15 Unidata-Wisconsin white papers on McIDAS-V and IDV collaboration

5:00 Adjourn

6:00 Mesa Lab Reception and Dinner (cafeteria and patio)


(Staff Status Reports)
(EarthCube White Papers)

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