GEMPAK Status Report

Michael James


Current Status

AWIPS-II Testing

We are currently evaluating the latest release (TO10) of AWIPS II, and are working with the User's Committee to identifiy and prioritize GEMPAK functionality that must be replaced in new software incarnations. TO10 has been successfully installed and tested on a local 32-bit CentOS machine and we will be testing on additional system environments when we receive the next release (TO11) in October 2009.

The UPC is keenly aware that the upcoming migration of GEMPAK/NAWIPS to AWIPS-II will have a significant impact on our community and that many of you have concerns. Be assured that we are fully committed to supporting university GEMPAK users for as long as feasible, even as we work with our users in providing a smooth and orderly migration to other long term solutions. We have set up a web page with information about the transition, including an FAQ.

For more information, please see:

August 10 - 12 Training Workshop

Three day GEMPAK workshop with about 10 attendees. Focused on installation and configuration, product generation, grid diagnostics, familiarity with graphic user interfaces, writing interactive scripts, configuring decoders and data tables.