IDV Development Status Report

Don Murray
April 1, 2005

This report updates the status of Unidata's IDV development efforts since the last report.


In the Unidata 2008 proposal, IDV development was defined under the proposed Endeavor 4 "Software to Analyze and Visualize Geoscience Data". Under this endeavor, the following goals were outlined:
  1. Supporting analysis and visualization of local modeling efforts (e.g., WRF and MM5 output)
  2. Incorporating new datasets and data types
  3. Exploring new approaches to visualizing and interacting with Earth system data, focusing on novel 3-D techniques that fuse data from multiple sources
  4. Expanding IDV capabilities to support the creation of exploration based, interactive, pedagogic materials and integration with digital libraries.
  5. Developing collaborative tools to make effective use of shared visualizations
  6. Developing a framework that allows end-user assembly and integration of IDV components
  7. Adapting to GIS frameworks (OpenGIS and ISO standards), content-based data mining, and other evolving technologies

Progress since last report

New development

Development and testing is underway for the non-beta IDV 1.2 which will be released in time for the IDV User Training Workshops in late July/early August. New features will be influenced by the priorities set by the steering committee, but may include:

Ongoing efforts include:

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