RE: How to populate a set of isosurfaces by giving a set of (x,y,z,value)

Hi Tim,

This is probably a manifestation of the Java3D transparency bug.

Is there any way you can combine your volume data into one volume?
If the volumes have the same domain set, you could try averaging
the range values at each sample.


At 05:18 PM 9/25/2002, you wrote:
>Thanks for the help!!!
>I encountered the other problem that when I display a set of volumes (
>(x,y,z)->(concentration) ) and
>map the "concentration" to Display.RGBA. To make a "foggy" effect in low
>concentration values,
>I set the RGBA table for each volume. When I displayed multiple sets (
>multiple maps of RGBA ),
>the transparency didn't work well:
>    Transparent area in a set shelters other other volume set data. It looks
>like a front invisible object cull out a back object,
>but I exepct it should not cull out any object in the back if it is
>Do you have any solution for it?
>Thanks again,