read Data from files...


Examples (P4_01)

   latitude = new RealType("latitude",SI.meter,null);
   longitude = new RealType("longitude",SI.meter,null);

   domain_tuple = new RealTupleType(latitude, longitude);

    temperature = new RealType("temperature",SI.kelvin,null);
    altitude = new RealType("altitude",SI.meter,null);

    // Create the range tuple ( altitude, temperature )
    // Use RealTupleType( RealType[] )

    range_tuple = new RealTupleType( altitude, temperature  );

    // Create a FunctionType (domain_tuple -> range_tuple )
    // Use FunctionType(MathType domain, MathType range)

    func_domain_range = new FunctionType( domain_tuple, range_tuple);

    // Create the domain Set
    // Use LinearDSet(MathType type, double first1, double last1, int lengthX,
    //         double first2, double last2, int lengthY)

    int NCOLS = 50;
    int NROWS = NCOLS;

    domain_set = new Linear2DSet(domain_tuple, -Math.PI, Math.PI, NROWS,
                -Math.PI, Math.PI, NCOLS);
    // Get the Set samples to facilitate the calculations

    float[][] set_samples = domain_set.getSamples( true );


How I can read data set (domain_typle) from a file? When I don?t use Linear2Dset (.. )


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