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[McIDAS #KYW-895647]: Questions on 64 bit Mcidas installation

Hi Fred,

> I solved the problem of the spaghetti streamlines on my 64 bit Mcidas 
> computer.  The
> source of the problem was the Fortran call to the NINT function (conversion 
> of the
> floating point number to the nearest integer).   Changing the NINT(xxxxx.) to 
> INT(xxxx.
> +.5) solved the spaghetti problem.  I am not sure where the bad NINT function 
> came
> from.  I looked to see if I had some other function which I inadvertently  
> called NINT,
> but I didn't see one.  I solved the problem by restricting the display to a 
> single
> streamline, and then putting in print statements.  I ran the code on both the 
> old and
> new machines, and stepped through the code until the numbers were different 
> between the
> two machines.

This is very weird indeed!

It would be interesting to understand the search order of libraries that the 
on your machine was using when it created the GRDDISP executable, grddisp.k.  If
'NINT' is being used from a shared library, then the information should be
deducible from the combination of the settings for LD_LIBRARY_PATH and the
output of 'ldd grddisp.k'.  If 'NINT' is coming from a static library, the
sleuthing might be more difficult.

By the way, I don't believe that you ever told me the specifics for the OS
for your 64-bit machine.  Can you send me the output of 'uname -a'?

> I also have solved my problem of the new 64 bit Mcidas machine (fred-sr) not 
> being able
> to get data from our local ADDE server.  It turned out that the new machine 
> had the
> compression set to COMPRESS rather than to GZIP.  Changing the compression to 
> solved my ADDE access problem.

That makes sense!

> Thanks for your help on  these problems.

No worries.  Congratulations on the excellent sleuthing!


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