Re: FlatField.evaluate() returning missing

Hi Cicero,

Nasdty bug here. Your application is constructing a
degenerate Gridded2DSet and the consistency test in
the Gridded2DSet constructor is not catching it.

Your createDomain() computes the same dx (and dy)
value for i=HALFDIM and i=HALDIM+1 (j=...). Thus your
grid has grid boxes with area = 0.

I've put a whose consistency test
catches this at:

Note that using a stricter test may break some applications
that have been getting away with constructing degenerate
grids. It is also possible that my new stricter test is
not formulated correctly - this stuff is quite complex.

So I hope the other VisAD developers may take a look at this
and test it (the changes are marked by 'CICERO' comments

Good luck,