Re: linewidth of box, docs for ScarlarType names, data point in the same pixels

--- Bill Hibbard <hibbard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Note
> the ScalarType.alias() method allows applications to set
> arbitrary alias Strings for displays.

If I change the alias of a RealType after it has been mapped to
Display.XAxis and the result ScalarMap has been added to the display,
the change won't show on the display (for example, when the
middle mouse button is pressed the old name of the realType
still shows at the upper left corner, the axis Label by default
is still the old name). 

When I thought about this, I have a question that may not
necessarily related to solving the above problem. I find there is
Display.addMap(ScalarMap) but not a removeMap(ScalarMap). So
how to replace an existing ScalarMap that has been added
to a display?

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