question about IDV: running from automated scripts, triggered by events?

Don or other Unidata folks,

I am really impressed by the IDV, and have a question.

One common way that people use Vis5D is via automated
scripts triggered by events. The event can be either a
timer event from CRON, or an event generated by a model
run finishing. This triggers Vis5D to start, running the
commands in a Vis5D TCL script that read data files,
generate graphics, and save them to GIF images. Then a
shell script may combine GIF images into MPEG animations
and/or link them into web pages.

My questions is whether the IDV can be used in this way
or if there are plans for this? I note that the IDV can
be scripted somewhat from HTML pages, and Tom tells me
that he has scripted it from Python.

The event triggering probably only requires a way to
start the IDV with a script file specified on the command