Re: How to populate a set of isosurfaces by giving a set of (x,y,z, value)

Hi Tim,

It sounds like VisAD does what you want, except that you want to
set multiple iso-surface values simultaneously, instead of just
one.  You may be able to extend VisAD's iso-contour logic to do
this, or it may be that there is an easier way (although I don't
know of one).

Bill Hibbard may be able to comment further on this once he
returns from vacation.


At 07:03 PM 9/20/2002, Chien-Ting Chen wrote:
>I need to generate a set of isosurfaces by inputing a set of (x,y,z, value)
>for example, I have a 100 (width) X 100 (height) X 50 (depth) = 500,000 (x,
>y, z, value) tuples
>The mapping from value to Display.IsoContour seems only work for generating
>a surface texturing with the IsoContour,
>but I need a set of IsoSurfaces to display by giving a set of Isovalues.
>How to do that?
>thanks for helping me.
>Tim Chen