Re: How to link the change to RangeWidget with SelectRangeWidget?

Hi Helen,

> Suppose
> RealType vis = RealType.getRealType("VIS");
> ScalarMap visMap = new ScalarMap(vis, Display.RGB);
> visMap.setRange(-10.0f,10.0f);
> ScalarMap visRangeMap = new ScalarMap(vis, Display.SelectRange);
> visRangeMap.setRange(-10.0f,10.0f);
> .....
> JFrame f = new JFrame();
> f.getContentPane().add (new RangeWidget(visMap),BorderLayout.NORTH);
> f.getContentPane().add (new ColorMapWidget(visMap),BorderLayout.CENTER);
> f.getContentPane().add (new
> SelectRangeWidget(visRangeMap),BorderLayout.SOUTH);
> If I make some change in RangeWidget, i.e. change -10.0f to -5.0f, how
> this change be reflected in SelectRangeWidget, that is, the select range
> slider will be moved only between -5.0 to 10.0

Since your SelectRangeWidget is created from visRangeMap but your
RangeWidget is created from visMap, the RangeWidget will have no
effect on the SelectRangeWidget. And since the DisplayRealType
Display.SelectRange is not "scalable", you cannot create a
RangeWidget from visRangeMap.