Stereo in VisAD

It looks like the Geowall group ( could be interested in using VisAD for a new, OpenGL stereo compatible version of the Geowall display. I tried the VisAD "TestStereo" example with the Geowall (and with other stereo display systems both Windows and Unix), and found that there was too much "eye separation" to get a good stereo image. I found the same problem with standard Java/j3d examples.

So I am looking for a way to control the eye separation in the stereo display. I tried changing things like "setLeftManualEyeInImagePlate" and "setRightManualEyeInImagePlate" to the same position with the j3d examples, but still had too much eye separation (no change). Can someone point me to the correct method to use and property to change in a "Canvas3D" (or elsewhere) that will allow me to adjust eye separation?

Bill...Would you be willing to create a version of the VisAD spreadsheet that allows enabling of stereo? It could be a separate stereo-only version, or one that is enabled by an external command line parameter like:
or through a option in a preference/pull-down menu.

Mike Redmond