[thredds] Fwd: Release Announcement: CPU11_01 Java SE Critical Patch Update

This update fixes a DoS attack vulnerabilty that has been widely publicized and trivial to implement.
We recommend you upgrade your Java to 6u24 on all public servers asap.

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Subject: Release Announcement: CPU11_01 Java SE Critical Patch Update
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 21:03:28 -0800
From: Ingrid Yao <ingrid.yao@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Dear CAP members,

We are pleased to announce the public availability of the Feb 2011 Java SE & Java for Business Critical Patch Update
(CPU11_01)  which went live today at approx 12 noon PT on java.com, OTN, and java-partner.sun.com.

The following updates include:
   6u24 Java SE & Java for Business,
   5.0u28 Java SE & Java for Business,
   1.4.2_30 Java SE & Java for Business

For specific links to public product Downloads & Release Notes:
Java SE 6u24 on OTN (+ Intel Itanium)
Java SE Timezone Updater 1.3.35

Java SE 6u24 on java.com http://java.com/en/
Java for Business 6u24
Java for Business 5.0u28
Java for Business 1.4.2_30
Java Partner downloads
on java-partner.sun.com
For Java for Business, PC OEMs, source licensees are available via passwd protected accounts on https://java-partner.sun.com/
MOS Internal Support Docs
** Co-bundled products such as Java FX, NetBeans will be forthcoming on the OTN download page

Best Regards,

Ingrid Yao | Early Access Program Support Engineer
Phone: +1 408 2767338
Oracle Java Standard Edition
4140 Network Circle USCA22-317 | Santa Clara, CA 95054

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