Re: [netcdf-java] Open and read trajectory profile data CF-1.6 compliant with NetCDF 4.3 java library

Hi Kristian:

Its working ok for me if i open as ANY_POINT or SECTION. This is in 4.3, what version are you using?


On 4/3/2012 2:10 AM, Kristian Sebastián wrote:

I am trying to open and read data from the NetCDF CF-1.6 compliant file attached. Data are from a APEX profile
so we use the representation H.6.2.

I have tried to open it as TrajectoryFeature but I get the follwing error.

Java code:
TrajectoryFeature trajectoryFeature = (TrajectoryFeature), netCdfFileLocation, null, log);

Log output:
Table TopScalars/PsuedoStructure(time)/MultidimPseudo(time,depth) featureType SECTION doesnt match desired type TRAJECTORY
**Failed to find FeatureDatasetFactory for= "" datatype=TRAJECTORY

I know the APEX dataset is a trajectory profile but  there isn't a FeatureType.TRAJECTORY_PROFILE.
So, is there any way to open as TrajectoryFeature or similar class?



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