Re: problem with newest netcdf java library when retrieving netcdf file from JOSS (fwd)

Hi luca: you own another thank-you to julie, who forwarded your message!

Julie Caron wrote:

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Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 09:11:23 -0600
From: Luca Cinquini <luca@xxxxxxxx>
To: jcaron@xxxxxxxx
Cc: Michael Burek <mburek@xxxxxxxx>, John J.Allison <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: problem with newest netcdf java library when retrieving netcdf file
    from JOSS

Hi John,
    after installing the newest NetCDF Java library on the CDP, there
seems to be a problem in generating NcML on the fly when opening a URL
that is served by the JOSS server, for example the following file:

Everything works ok if I place the same file on the dataportal server.
The error when opening the file from the JOSS server is the following: Server does not support byte Ranges

Which I think originates from the fact that appearently the JOSS server
does NOT send, in its response, the header "Accept-Ranges".

Now the question is: according to the WWW specification
(, the
"Accept-Ranges" header is optional:

"Origin servers that accept byte-range requests MAY send

           Accept-Ranges: bytes

       but are not required to do so."

the functionality (and so the header) is needed if you want to read a netcdf file over HTTP.

So the question is - is this header really necessary for the rest of
the application ? I think it would be best if the java library simply
printedf a warining if this header is not found, as opposed to throwing
an exception....

I assume you are calling or equivilent? There really not much else to do but throw an exception, since the library can't open the file.

seems to be hanging, so its hard to check for sure.

thanks, Luca