Re: [netcdf-hdf] a question about HDF5 and large file - why so long to write one value?

Quincey Koziol <koziol@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>       The problem is in your computation of the chunk size for the
> dataset, in libsrc4/nc4hdf.c, around lines 1059-1084.  The current
> computations end up with a chunk of size equal to the dimension size
> (2147483644/4 in the code below), i.e. a single 4GB chunk for the
> entire dataset.  This is not going to work well, since HDF5 always
> reads an entire chunk into memory, updates it and then writes the
> entire chunk back out to disk. ;-)
>       That section of code looks like it has the beginning of some
> heuristics for automatically tuning the chunk size, but it would
> probably be better to let the application set a particular chunk
> size, if possible.

Ah ha! Well, that's not going to work!

What would be a good chunksize for this (admittedly weird) test case:
writing one value at a time for a huge array. Would a chunksize of one
be crazy? Or the right size?


Ed Hartnett  -- ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx