[ldm-users] solid state drive(s) for ldm?

Was wondering if anyone has considered or made use of speed advantages of solid 
state drives (SSD) for serving decoded ldm data to gempak, garp, and too-be 
AWIPS2 processes running on network clients? 

-- particularly in the classroom environment where visualization tools from 20+ 
network clients are hitting the same $GEMDATA/models/<model> collection at the 
same time. 

When would SSDs be worthwhile?  If the (NFS) clients are on a 100 Mbps subnet 
and server is on separate 1000 Mbps subnet, is the network the bottleneck, 
leaving modern drives or SSDs of negligible difference?

Neil Smith         neils@xxxxxxxx
Comp. Sys. Mngr., Atmospheric Sciences