Re: LDM 5.1.4 - stops transfering from 1 site, while talking to

On Fri, 31 May 2002, Joe Van Andel wrote:

> With LDM 5.1.4 on Redhat 7.2, we've seen instances where data stops 
> flowing from 1 site, while still flowing from other sites.


This is a Redhat 7.2 bug. Your options:

1. Upgrade to 7.3, recompile LDM
2. Patch 7.2 C++, perl, and other programs that LDM uses to the latest 
version, then recompile LDM.

I am running LDM 5.1.4 on RH 7.3. I did have to recompile it under 7.3 as 
it turns out. But there have been no problems since. Also, after I had 
patched 7.2, I had no problems after that.

7.2 is a very buggy release. 7.3 is all that 7.2 should have been.
I *highly* recommend the upgrade.

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