Hardware upgrade on sirocco.srcc.lsu.edu and nafhat.srcc.lsu.edu


Re: Hardware upgrades in IDD computer equipment at LSU

IDD host: sirocco.srcc.lsu.edu will undergo an upgrade this week. Down
stream sites feeding off of sirocco.srcc.lsu.edu may elect to use the
alternate feed datoo.srcc.lsu.edu (for duration of the upgrade).

Downstream users of host: nafhat.srcc.lsu.edu will also be effected. The
host that is Nafhat computer is replacing the Sirocco computer. At this
point Nafhat will cease to be an IDD node. Nafhat users should then
transition IDD to Sirocco. IDD Users listed in the UNIDATA 'Feed Type
FOS' for Siocco or nafhat are enabled on datoo.srcc.lsu.edu.

If you experience any IDD problems at LSU, my email is listed below.

Apologies for the inconvenience,

Bob Leche
Louisiana State University -
Southern Regional Climate Center
225 578 5023