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Re: iwin

On Fri, 21 Jan 2005, Patrick L. Francis wrote:

> robb,
> chiz mentioned to me awhile ago that you have a decoder
> setup to parse incoming text data by zone, that may be
> modifiable to be used by state... long story short, I have
> a few servers laying around that can be made productive...
> my ultimate goal is to have an iwin-type interface with
> the text data.. for example... here:
> http://weather.bgsu.edu/warnings.shtml
> wouldn't it be nice if a user could select their state, and
> pull up associated warnings etc.. by state (in simple text format)
> instead of the way i have it now, showing all warnings.

chiz is talking about some THREDDS programs, yes there is a zone parser,
etc.  look at this page, bottom half.


here's the zone server:


it wouldn't be hard to modify the perl code to do it by state. actually
there's 2 programs, one for the pqact entry, using parser zoneWriter and
another to take http requests  ZoneServer.pl  if your interested, the
zoneWriter is part of the decoders release and a tar file could be made
for the THREDDS servers. all the code is in perl  forgot to mention, the
perl servers do bound boxes already.


> if can help would be grateful :)
> --patrick

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