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[McIDAS #BZU-651546]: Interesting in McIDAS X Free

Hi Boris,

> I write because the section Configuring the mcidas Account, at point number 1:
> do not understand how Defining the XCDDATA Output Directory.

The typical Unidata McIDAS user sets up his/her McIDAS installation to
use data products received and processed by the LDM.  The section
'Configuring the mcidas Account' is written to help those users setup
their machine.

> For example: if the directory defined in XCDDATA does not exist, create it:
> Type: mkdir <fully_qualified_directory_name>
> Type: mkdir <fully_qualified_directory_name> / bufr
> Type: mkdir <fully_qualified_directory_name> / grib
> what need to put in the space provided <fully_qualified_directory_name>

For sites using the LDM to get real-time data, XCDDATA would be the
the directory where McIDAS-relevant data files are written.  This is


(which would be /home/ldm/data/mcidas if the HOME directory of the user
running the LDM is '/home/ldm')



> I have doubt in this step, because when I see the file's contents LSSERVE.BAT,
> tells me that before running this file, the user must define the McIDAS
> string XCDDATA to be the fully qualified directory where XCD-decoded data
> is stored.

The file LSSERVE.BAT is created by the script 'mcxconfig'.  Its contents
are determined by which data feeds the user indicates s/he will be getting
using the LDM.  LSSERVE.BAT is a McIDAS BATCH file that simply contains
a series of DSSERVE commands whose job it is to identify sets of files
on disk as a McIDAS ADDE dataset.

> When installing McIDAS and in the section " Configuring MCidas Acount",
> I omitted this step (Step 1: Defining the XCDDATA Output Directory))
> and I dont know if this causes problems when I download data to my machine
> from any remote server.

Omitting this step will _not_ cause any problems for you when downloading
data from remote servers.  Again, the instructions you are asking about
are designed to make things as easy as possible for the user who is
getting real time data delivered to him/her via the LDM.

If you can describe exactly what you are attempting to do, I can advise
you on the best/most expedient way to configure your McIDAS installation
to get/use the data.


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