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[McIDAS #BZU-651546]: Interesting in McIDAS X Free

Hi Boris,

> I am following the instructions from the guide UNIDATA, to configure a user
> account.
> first: if my shell is csh, I must copy the file user_env.csh to my user
> account which will run McIDAS (ie, / home / bovla)


> or just to add the
> following lines (see NOTE) to my configuration file shell automatically
> execute orders,

Yes.  Add the following lines to the .cshrc file for the non-'mcidas' user
account you are configuring to use McIDAS:

setenv MCHOME /home/mcidas
if ( -e $MCHOME/admin/user_env.csh ) then
  source $MCHOME/admin/user_env.csh


- this will work if the file $MCHOME/admin/user_env.csh can be read
  by the user you are configuring (bovla ?)

  If the ~mcidas/admin directory is not readable by the user you are
  configuring to use McIDAS, you need to change its permissions:

  <as 'mcidas'>
  cd ~mcidas
  chmod 664 admin          <- if 'mcidas' and 'bovla' are in the same group


  chmod 666 admin          <- if 'mcidas' and 'bovla' are not in the same group

> I see that many of the variables of the file user_env.csh
> are defined for the account MCIDAS, as is the link with another user
> account for that can be run MCIDASX from this account (home/bovla)

I am not sure that I understand this sentence.

> Second: In the section "Copying Files Needed". I understand that the user
> account (home / bovla) where I run McIDAS-X, I might add some files:
> As the account is new, create the working directory for McIDAS-X,

Yes, the working directory for McIDAS-X for the user you are configuring
will be ~<user>/mcidas/data.  ~user/mcidas/data is a short cut reference
to /home/<user>/mcidas/data.  If your user is named bovla, the directory
will be:


which is the same as:


You create this directory as the user as follows:

<login as 'bovla'>
cd ~
mkdir mcidas
mkdir mcidas/data

OR, you can make the directory and subdirectory using one command:

mkdir -p mcidas/data

> as
> indicated by that paragraph, but for the time of executing the next
> instruction from my user account (home / bovla) I get the following:
> [bovla @ gmt ~] $ ~ McIDAS / admin / userdata mcidas/mcidas2009/data ~ ~ / 
> McIDAS / data
> / home / McIDAS / admin / userdata: Permission denied.

You seem to be mixing up the name of the application package 'McIDAS'
with the name of the user in which the application is installed 'mcidas'.
The invocation you need to run is:

~mcidas/admin/userdata ~mcidas/data ~/mcidas/data

This is the same thing as running:

/home/mcidas/admin/userdata /home/mcidas/data /home/bovla/mcidas/data


- in order for this to work, the user 'bovla' needs to be able to
  execute the script /home/mcidas/userdata


- you can also copy the files needed as follows:

<login as 'bovla'>
cd ~bovla/mcidas/data
cp ~mcidas/data/STRTABLE .
cp ~mcidas/data/UNIMENU.DEF .

The script was written to make the copying process easier.

> the same way, when I run McIDAS in the new user account (home / bovla)
> [bovla @ gmt ~] $ McIDAS
> . / / McIDAS: Permission denied

The name of the script to execute is 'mcidas' not 'McIDAS'.  If
you try to run 'mcidas' as the user 'bovla' and continue to get errors,
it means that the permissions on the ~mcidas/bin directory need to be

<as 'mcidas'>
cd ~mcidas
chmod +x bin

> NOTE: Lines added to the shell configuration file (. cshrc)
> setenv Mchome / home / McIDAS
> if (-e $ Mchome / admin / user_env.csh) then
> source $ Mchome / admin / user_env.csh
> endif


> Not if I'm misunderstanding or I'm going crazy

I assume that you are not going crazy :-)  Perhaps you are just unfamiliar with
how to use Unix/Linux?

> Sorry

No worries.

> There is a section that asks me to copy some files from the installation
> directerio in my working directory of McIDAS-X

The files are the ones I listed above.


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