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building UDUNITS under Cygwin (was: question about building udunits: is yacc needed?


Thanks for the feedback.  I'm saving it in our support-email database
for the UDUNITS package to help the next person who builds under Cygwin.

Steve Emmerson

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Date:    Wed, 24 Aug 2005 17:30:13 +0100
From:    "Offiler, Dave" <address@hidden>To:      Steve Emmerson
cc:      Ed Hartnett <address@hidden>, address@hidden
Subject: Re: question about building udunits: is yacc needed?

Hi Steve,

Many thanks for the advice. I've got the problem solved with the
knowledge that yacc isn't necessary and a better appreciation of what
the configure output was trying to tell me...

Firstly, yacc doesn't appear in Cygwin's setup list of packages (maybe I
should try another mirror).

Since yacc isn't installed, the udunits configure doesn't find it. That
part wasn't the problem - configure carries on. It was when the script
doesn't find the yacc library in LD_YACC (since it's not defined at all)
and asks for an value. Not knowing better, I entered '-ly' being the
suggested value. I now realise -ly is going into the gcc command in the
Makefile - and failing because there is no yacc library to find!
Setting LD_YACC (in the script response or externally) to a null string
cures the problem, and the build goes ok.

(A complication was that perl wasn't installed either and configure was
also asking for a perl-related variable value, which I mis-understood
for yacc as well. I installed Cygwin perl & that got rid of that.
Naturally I then read INSTALL and see that I could have used PERL=""
before configure. Hey Ho.)

udunits now succesfully built for g95 & gfortran. Will have a go at
Intel ifort tomorrow.

FWIW, we've previously built udunits with several compilers on Linux
(ifc, ifort, pgf90, pgf95, NAG, g95, gfortran) two on HP-UX (HP & NAG)
and with efc on an NEC Linux/Itanium. 

Thx again & best regards,

On Wed, 2005-08-24 at 16:14, Steve Emmerson wrote:
> Ed,
> >Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 09:02:31 -0600
> >From: Ed Hartnett <address@hidden>
> >To: address@hidden,
> >To: address@hidden
> >Subject: question about building udunits: is yacc needed?
> The above message contained the following:
> > Does udunits require yacc? Or is there something else going on?
> The UDUNITS distribution includes the files "utparse.y" and "utparse.c"
> in the "lib/" subdirectory.  The ".c" file was generated from the ".y"
> file via yacc(1) and should have a later timestamp.  Consequently,
> a make(1) in the "lib/" subdirectory shouldn't try to (re)create
> file "utparse.c" (it it does, then the make(1) has a bug or the file
> timestamps are off).
> If problems occur, then the user should try one of the following:
>     1.  touch(1) the file "udunits.c" in order to ensure that it has a
>       timestamp later than "udunits.y"; or
>     2.  Comment-out the production-rule for the file "udunits.c" in
>       file "lib/Makefile.in" and execute the command "./config.status"
>       in the top-level source-directory to recreate the file
>       "lib/Makefile".
> Regards,
> Steve Emmerson
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