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in-place / cache / IDV / WCS / model grid representation

> by default, it unzips in place; only if it doesnt have write
> permission will it use the cache.
> no log message is written in either case.

> do you neeed one?

Uh no... not anymore.

Ahhhhhhhhhh ok.  I had to read that very carefully a 2nd time.

It uses the cache only if the in-place directory does NOT have write
permission.  I missed the 'not'.   Got it.

Now with more time, its time to test out THREDDS/WCS and IDV.

Is there a documented example or two somewhere on how to look at WCS
served data via IDV?

I'm going to miss out on the training this year :(  Hopefully, next
year, I can come down for the THREDDS class.  I am so bummed.

We are still scratching our heads a bit on the rotated grids
in/around Alaska from NCEP.  The AMSR_E grid seems to magically work

The other rotated grids still are a bit tricky to come up with a
good spatial_ref string.  That seems to be a struggle with most
model grids.

Evenly spaced GFS.... no problem.

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