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Re: 3.12.03 cache/bz2

Rob Cermak wrote:
Stack trace:
  * Clear browser cache: user error, bz2 unpacks just fine.


Add to instructions: * Stop tomcat * Wipe webapps/thredds * Clear browser cache * Install new war file * Start tomcat

But, it unzipped in place instead of the cache directory.  A log
entry does not seem to be generated for a permission problem to
content/thredds/cache.   Is there a server setting that we can use
to put it into super verbose mode?

by default, it unzips in place; only if it doesnt have write permission will it use the cache. no log message is written in either case. do you neeed one?

Does tomcat change to a different non-privileged user when started?

no, so you should be sure to start it up as non-privileged, see:


Interestingly enough, the unpacked version was not there when I looked before I also checked. I should have seen the unpacked file.... Is THREDDS doing some automated cleanup?

only in the cache directory, not in the data directory.

If you click on the gz version, you will see the unpacked version when you refresh the catalog.

One down, one to go.

whats the "one to go"?


yer welcome!

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