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Re: Automatic catalog generation

Tanxs a lot for advanced me Ethan

In my way i need that Thredds support GRADS files, but i condn't find any information about it. In my examples Thredds worked fine with NetCd - .nc, but i cond't get the same functionality with Grads.


tanxs a lot.

On 3/20/06, Ethan Davis <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi Marcelo,

From our TDS documents page
(http://motherlode.ucar.edu:8080/thredds/docs/), there is an "Automatic
Catalog Generation using datasetScan" link that describes the TDS
configuration catalogs in some detail. Is this the kind of information
you are looking for?

We have code that can generate DIF records for datasets in a THREDDS
catalog if there is enough metadata in the catalog. This code and some
code to allow harvesting of the metadata (OAI-PMH) is still in a
prototype stage. It would need some work to get it running again and
make it more robust.

Hope this helps,


Marcelo Costa Oliveira wrote:

> Hi users !!!
> I've started with Thedds and OpenDap, and im looking for something
> that explain in details how Thredds Data Server provides automatic
> catalog generation. How Thredds use DIF ??
> tanxs a lot for advance me.

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