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Re: adding xlink:type attribute

Benno Blumenthal wrote:

Hello all,

I have been reading about namespaces in general and xlink in particular.
According to the xlink spec,


is required for a simple (i.e. not extended) link, which is the way THREDDS is using xlink.
Adding it means software that is xlink-aware (mozilla for one) will display links as links, though in mozilla's case, it is only apparent if you add a

<?xml-stylesheet type="text/css" href="threddsstyle.css" ?>

line to the thredds catalog so that mozilla actually processes the xml file in a standard way.

I have added it to the THREDDS catalogs I generate, with no obvious ill effects so far.

If there are ill effects, please let me know.

I would hope that the THREDDS standard would add this so that the THREDDS xml is better understood by more software.


Hi Benno:

yes, we do already allow the "show" and "type" attribute on an Xlink, see:


XLink Attribute Group

 <xsd:attributeGroup name="XLink">
   <xsd:attribute ref="xlink:href" />
   <xsd:attribute ref="xlink:title" />
   <xsd:attribute ref="xlink:show"/>
   <xsd:attribute ref="xlink:type" />

These are attributes from the XLink specification <http://www.w3.org/TR/xlink/> that are used to point to another web resource. The /xlink:href/ attribute is used for the URL of the resource itself. The /xlink:title/ attribute is what should be displayed to the user. These are the only two attributes currently used in the THREDDS software.You can also add the /xlink:type /or/ xlink:show /attributes/. /

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