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Re: adding xlink:type attribute

Hi John,

OK, so my adding xlink:type="simple" does not break anything.  Good.


3.2 Markup Conformance

An XML element conforms to XLink if:


      it has a |type| attribute from the XLink namespace whose value
      is one of "simple", "extended", "locator", "arc", "resource",
      "title", or "none", and


      it adheres to the conformance constraints imposed by the chosen
      XLink element type, as prescribed in this specification.

So I am asking, politely I hope, to make xlink:type required, so that we conform to the xlink spec.
For starters, could all the thredds files that you generate have that attribute?


John Caron wrote:

we do already allow the "show" and "type" attribute on an Xlink, see:


XLink Attribute Group

 <xsd:attributeGroup name="XLink">
   <xsd:attribute ref="xlink:href" />
   <xsd:attribute ref="xlink:title" />
   <xsd:attribute ref="xlink:show"/>
   <xsd:attribute ref="xlink:type" />

These are attributes from the XLink specification <http://www.w3.org/TR/xlink/> that are used to point to another web resource. The /xlink:href/ attribute is used for the URL of the resource itself. The /xlink:title/ attribute is what should be displayed to the user. These are the only two attributes currently used in the THREDDS software.You can also add the /xlink:type /or/ xlink:show /attributes/. /

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