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[python #OXJ-988166]: DAA file ingested from NOAAPort error in MetPy

Randy and Danny,

So it turns out that your error is happening because, at least in the case
of the problematic product you sent, the file actually contains two copies
of the product back-to-back. This triggers an explicit check for the
expected amount of bytes remaining in the file.

The next MetPy release will contain improved diagnostics for this case; we
will also change the error to just a warning message, since in your case we
could have continued parsing the file without error. If you want to follow
that development, please look here:


address@hidden> wrote:

> New Client Reply: DAA file ingested from NOAAPort error in MetPy
> Ryan,
> We have only been looking at the DAA products but Danny informed me today
> when we put it on another machine running Centos 7.3 it worked fine w/o
> having to strip the header. go figure.
> Randy
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> From: Unidata Python Support <address@hidden>
> Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2018 6:35 PM
> To: Alliss, Randy [US] (MS)
> Cc: Alliss, Randy [US] (MS); address@hidden; Felton,
> Danny [US] (MS)
> Subject: EXT :[python #OXJ-988166]: DAA file ingested from NOAAPort error
> in MetPy
> Danny,
> Ok with the DAA product you attached, I can reproduce the problem. These
> are coming from your LDM feed? Does this happen regularly with all
> products, or just certain ones?
> I don't see this error with our locally filed LDM Level 3 products.

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