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Re: metpy & bufr


BUFR is on our road map for the next few releases of MetPy and is part of a funded grant. Currently weâre working through the GEMPAK calculations, but file formats are next. Keep an eye on the issue and feel free to comment there as things progress.

Also, please send any support requests to address@hidden as that helps make sure questions get answered if someone is out of the office for an extended period.

Thank you,

John Leeman

On Apr 10, 2018, 2:21 AM -0600, HansPeter Roesli <address@hidden>, wrote:
Hi John -

I have been looking around for a bufr reader under metpy. The only thing
I have found is a thin trace in GitHub, which I have some difficulty to
understand. What is the status of this issue? Looks like interest in
bufr decoding has waned (see also IDV and McIDAS-V), though bufr still
is going strong on operational meteorology.

After some initial rather basic difficulties I have now acquired some
proficiency. I love her!

cheers, HP