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[McIDAS #DXH-400982]: AREA max number limitation

Hi Mary Ellen,

> Hi Tom, sorry it's been a while but I was pulled onto another project for
> some time.

No worries.

> I was able to resolved the issue of >10K AREA files but just
> using a standard yyyymmddhhmm.sat_band nomenclature and then symbolically
> linking only the N files I need per run to AREAnnnn filenames. Glad that's
> resolved! Thanks for your thoughts on that.

Excellent!  I thought that would work.

> I hope it's OK to trouble you again on another topic.... We need to
> determine if we require an upgrade to our McIDAS software in order to
> operate on G-15 files. We are currently using Unidata McIDAS from 2009.

Just to be clear:

- I stopped updating the Unidata McIDAS releases at 2009 because the
  changes being made to McIDAS are almost 100% "maintenance mode"
  modifications, which, in my mind, are nothing more than addenda.

  I do update the Unidata McIDAS addendum indicator.  The current
  Unidata McIDAS-X/XCD release is v2009h.  I am currently working
  on incorporating all SSEC v2011.1 modifications/additions to
  Unidata McIDAS v2009i.  I hope to have this release ready by
  the beginning of next week.

> We are able to view and perform imgcopy and Alt-D commands on the G15 imagery
> but are unable to imgremap.

Hmm... I am surprised by the failure of IMGREMAP!  I was under the impression
that the only modifications for GOES-15 were calibration coefficients embodied
in the GVAR servers, gvaradir/gvaraget; in the AREA server module kbxgvar.dlm;
and in the source number (SATANNOT, SATBAND) info.

> I've spent some time reading the MUG software
> updates and clearly there are some recent modifications to support the new
> calibration coefficients and source number of the G15 data but we are unsure
> if that is what is causing our inability to operate on these files.  Any
> thoughts?

Again, I am surprised by the inability to IMGREMAP imagery from GOES-15.
Just so you know, I am _not_ experiencing this problem.

> As you know we are no longer MUG members and our ingestors are now 12 years
> old. We'd find ourselves in a difficult place if we spend >$15K on MUG
> membership and McIDAS-X data to get the software updates only to see our
> ingestors fail shortly thereafter.

I think that it would be a good move to re-join the MUG so you can get
your McIDAS code fully updated.


- which ingestors are in danger of failing?

> Thanks for your thoughts and hope you are enjoying this holiday season!

No worries, and you too!


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