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20010510: what ARE you doing? (cont.)

>From: Clint Rowe <address@hidden>
>Organization:  UNL
>Keywords:  200105101846.f4AIkqp08859 McIDAS


re: updating papagayo
>Thanks, I figured that's what was happening.

I should have let you know first, but...

re: TA being held up
>No problem.  School's out fot the semester -- he was just goofin' around.

Glad to hear I didn't screw up worse :-)

re: putting house on the market
>Really! On the market this summer?

Yup.  I have been working on it fairly intensly for the past three weeks.
today, I should be painting the master bedroom.  I will go start it in
a few minutes.

>What's xpg4 and why's it different?

The xpg4 routines are other versions of things like 'tr', 'basename',
etc.  SSEC added setting of /usr/xpg4/bin to the beginning of PATH in
three shell scripts: nav_init.sh, cal_init.sh, and build-ucloc-tcl.sh.
The first two scripts are used to generate navigation and calibration
module interfaces automatically during the build.  The new mods have
worked on all systems I have tested to date (includes motherlode which
is a twin of papagayo!), so I figured things were ready to go.  Your
system, however, has some sort of a problem there.  I had to hack the
scripts on papagayo to add some checks to see if the default 'tr' would
work (the default will be /usr/xpg4/bin/tr after the PATH setting).  If
it doesn't, I switch to use of /usr/bin/tr.  This works well on

The thing is that there _is_ something wrong on papagayo, but I don't
(yet) know what it is.

re: when to do updates
>I hope you got some rest ;-)

Yea.  I tend to do a lot of work in the middle of the night. This works
out well since people are usually not using their systems and the
networks are quiet.  This works out great from the Longmont place give
that I have DSL that screams (1284 Kb down; 324 Kb up).  I routinely
use papagayo for viewing GINI images and point source data.  I use
a machine at Valparaiso for NEXRAD, point source, and weather text.
Now that machine _is_ a screamer.  It is a Sun Ultra 60 with nothing
running except the LDM and McIDAS decoders.  Plotting things like
24-hour meteorograms is as fast as the data being local to my machine
at home (sometimes faster).

Well, got to go paint...


>From address@hidden Thu May 10 14:17:53 2001
>Subject: Re: 20010510: what ARE you doing? (cont.)

I don't worry about you messin' w/ McIDAS -- it's only Mark and his TA that
are working with it :-)

re: something amiss on papagayo

>Unix strangeness strikes again.  Maybe we have slightly different versions
>of Solaris (i.e., like I haven't been faithful to patching the OS). Have you 
>looked to see if there have been announced patches to xpg4 that I might not
>have (i.e., probably haven't) applied?

>Have fun painting.  When you sell tha Longmont place, be sure to invest
>some of the proceeds in a 4WD vehicle or you'll be sleeping in the office
>next winter!

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