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>From: "Y.L.David Chen" <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Hawaii
>Keywords: 200105101953.f4AJr9p11149 McIDAS Linux


>We are planning to use McIDas software.
>We want to know potential McIDas problems by using
>linux operating system on PC.

Here are the things that I know about:

o if you use GNOME, you will need to run X and McIDAS in something other
  than 8-bit mode.  This is not a big problem unless you want to run
  McIDAS sessions with LOTS of frames.  In that case, you will need a
  lot of RAM and swap.

o serving sounding data through the remote ADDE server hosted on a Linux
  system (e.g., RedHat 6.x, 7.x) does not work reliably (serving the
  data as LOCAL-DATA works fine).  This is a strange one since the same
  things works without problems on all other Unidata supported "Intel"
  platforms including FreeBSD and Sun Solaris for Intel.   Numerous
  tests seem to indicate that the problem lies not in McIDAS, but in
  the OS somewhere.  Where I can't say, but the problem is still being

Other than that, the only thing you have make sure to do on Linux is keep
up with security upgrades!  Linux is hacked more than any other operating
system in general use in the Unidata community.

Tom Yoksas

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