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20011025: 6-min profiler display errors (cont.)

>From: "Paul L. Sirvatka" <address@hidden>
>Organization: College of DuPage
>Keywords: 200109281354.f8SDsC118602 McIDAS-X 7.80 MAP SFCCON


>OK...Long letter

I think that the fastest way of getting your wind profiler decoding
problems fixed is to find out where the decoding is being done (ask
Dave B) and then get me a login to that machine (as both 'mcidas' and


>I do not know what I am doing.
>I do not know where the profiler data is kept, nor do I have any idea what
>the schema i doing (other than letting me know how the data is
>formatted.) I looked for the profiler data. Is it in a MDXX file? If so,
>why was the one I was using a day old?
>Then...I screwed up the schema. I misread your last letter and copied the
>schema file from the computer running 7.6 to the one running 7.8. I have
>no idea what that did. (I did run BATCH SCHEMA.BAT) SO i  probably screwed
>something up on the new computer.
>Also...I am not even sure about what I am saving and what I am storing on
>my own. I am using all the images from ADDE servers and the RTPTSRC data
>from our own. Since I do not use the images, I assume i do not need to
>save them as area files? Or at least as many of them.
>BTW...I am creating gif's from the satellite files. I have set a crontab
>entry to do the job of getting them. I am also setting a loop of images. I
>want images every 30 minutes at let's say 00 and 30 mins after the hour. I
>have the crontab to create the file as soon as I can when the files arrive
>(about 15 mins after image time). Unfortunately, depending on when they
>arrive at the server site, I sometimes get images from 15 minutes after
>the hour. As a result, my image loops are jumpy. Is there a way to insure
>the images are the correct time and if not, abort the batch file?
>I hope that is clear.
>Thanks Tom...

>From address@hidden Fri Oct 26 07:52:29 2001
>Subject: Schema

OK...I think I am starting to see whta is happening. 

I run 

But the schema thinks it should use WPRO not WPR6

So it must be on the saving end.  

I tried what you said (at least I think I did it right)

It still does not work.


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