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20011029: Profiler

>From: "Paul L. Sirvatka" <address@hidden>
>Organization: College of DuPage
>Keywords: 200110292153.f9TLrs128399 ldm-mcidas proftomd


>I assume you are still working on this issue? I have noticed that I do not
>ge the schema error any more. Now I just do not get any data.

I was working on this on Friday when the connection froze and then went
away.  I sent Dave B. a note on Saturday (or Sunday, I can't remember)
about this, and he said that there had been problems with the COD
firewall.  I had been - perhaps incorrectly - waiting for a note
letting me know that I could get back in so I could continue to see
what I could see, but I havn't seen anything from Dave, so I was off
doing other things.


>From address@hidden Mon Oct 29 15:59:37 2001
>Subject: Re: 20011029: Profiler 


I think you should be able to get in. If there is a problem, let me
know. You know how those IS people are:-)


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