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[IDD #BHD-107104]: Fwd: NLDN Data feed

Hi Greg,

> We are already receiving MADIS data from eldm.fsl.noaa.gov and I
> believe the West Texas mesonet data is in there.

Yes, it is.

By the way, I am very glad that you are already getting the MADIS
data directly from NOAA/GSD.  I just got out of a meeting with
Patty Miller where I asked her specifically if it would be OK for
us to relay the MADIS data to groups within NCAR/UCAR.  Patty
was hesitant about this because it opens up a big can of worms
because of the agreement that users need to sign that specifies
that the data can NOT be relayed to others and how it may be used.

Apparently, there is also a potential issue with making things like
the Mesowest data available in a project database.  I think it
would be wise for you to send Patty an email explaining your intended
use for the data to see if it raises any concerns:


> I guess my real
> problem is that I'm plotting metars with GEMPAK on a surface plot and
> one of our users has asked if we can include the West Texas mesonet in
> the same plot. The MADIS data we are getting all seem to be netCDF.

The netCDF format is the one that I am familiar with... I am not sure
that it is also available via LDM as text data.  It is available as
text data via their web interface, however.

> I
> was wondering if they came across as text and there was a GEMPAK
> decoder I could use to put them in gempak format and plot them as
> well. I know that you are not the GEMPAK support person, so perhaps
> you could cc the appropriate person on this e-mail. The question is:
> How do I plot MADIS netCDF mesonet data on the same plot with metars
> using GEMPAK?

I suggest you send a note to the address@hidden email list to
see if others in the Unidata community have incorporated the data
of interest to you in GEMPAK.  This "feels" like something that others
would have already figured out.

re: feed of the USPLN data

I have had one email exchange with the USPLN product manager at WSI on
my request that Unidata be allowed to relay the data to other groups
in UCAR/NCAR.  She asked a number of questions that I just finished
responding to.  I guess that a decision will be made tomorrow on whether
or not our relaying the data internally will be approved.


There are significant restrictions on how the NLDN and USPLN data can
be used.  In particular, there is a strict prohibition on relaying
the data to others; making the data available via some other means
(e.g., through the web or by FTP, etc.); making displays of the data
available to others outside of one's organization/campus; etc.

> Thanks - it would be helpful if I can access these by May 4th. We plan
> to password protect the plots we make with these data so only field
> project PIs can view the plots.

Excellent!  That is exactly the kind of care that should convince WSI
that internally relayed USPLN data will not be shared outside of the
organization.  Again, we should know more about this tomorrow.


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