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[THREDDS #PEF-311987]: Struggling with new FMRC specification in TDS 4.2

> John,
> Dang it!  I gave you our production server instead of our development one:
> Please try:
> [ different THREDDS server ]
> using the same user/pass combo.
> The dataset using the new Collection is:
> http://geoport-dev.whoi.edu/thredds/COAWST_catalog.html
> -Rich

1) i cant get at the component datasets. why dont you send me one, and also 
modify this line:

  <fmrcConfig regularize="true" datasetTypes="Best"/>


  <fmrcConfig regularize="true" datasetTypes="Best Files"/>

2) id like to add some better diagnostics. is this a test server that i can 
send you new thredds.war to try easily?

3) any chance i can get a login to that machine so i can poke around? We could 
pretend it was you, unless you have IP filtering on your firewall.

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Ticket ID: PEF-311987
Department: Support THREDDS
Priority: Normal
Status: Open

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