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[THREDDS #GEC-600533]: Unable to perform DODS subsetting in TOOLSUI

Hi Leakha,

> AS proposed in [another THREDDS inquiry GEC 600533], I'm using
> NetcdfDataset.openDataset, with my url containing the constraints
> (http://CHEVROLET-BT.act.cmis.csiro.au:8080/thredds/dodsC/rad/2006/20060
> 107_rad_b0702.nc.dods?latitude[0:1:680],longitude[0:1:840],rad[0:1:680][
> 0:1:840]).  However it is still does not work and generates an error
> (see below).   But this url works at the browser level.
> Could you advise me of the correct construction of the DODS URL
> containing constraints in the context of using
> NetcdfDataset.openDataset.

NetcdfDataset.openDataset() will not accept constrained OPeNDAP URLs. There 
isn't a method in the netCDF-java API that will open a constrained OPeNDAP URL. 
The netcdf API can open unconstrained OPeNDAP datasets and when the netCDF API 
is used to get subsets it will translate that into OPeNDAP constrained 
requests. Those requests return the subset of data via OPeNDAP and the netCDF 
library translates that into netCDF API objects in memory.

Hope that helps,


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Ticket ID: GEC-600533
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